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Corporate Training and Education

Corporate Training and Education... 
     During this era of heightened attack on the corporate world by the Department of Justice, there is a growing need to educate and inform executives and business managers about the perils of engaging in unlawful conduct in the workplace.  Executive Prison Consultants is the industry leader in providing in-service training to corporate executives.

     We present a powerful educational program that informs corporate executives about the tactics and methods used by investigators and prosecutors who are determined to put them in prison.  Our seminar is a game-changer that empowers would-be-targets to avoid the missteps that can lead to conviction and imprisonment.

     Our trained presenters provide information that every corporate executive in America must know.  Their personal stories are compelling and the message they share is powerful and life-changing for attendees.

     During the presentation, your staff will learn:

  • How an executive becomes the target of an investigation
  • How the government builds a case with limited evidence
  • How to avoid making missteps during the investigation
  • How to derail a case headed for prosecution
  • The Hard Truths about a federal prosecution
  • How to minimize the impact of a prosecution
  • The realities of federal incarceration
  • How to secure Early Release from prison

     To schedule private in-service training at your firm, contact Executive Prison Consultants' President, Richard J. Zaranek at Rick@ExecutivePrisonConsultants.com or 1-877-372-5669.


Our Presenter... 


Richard J. Zaranek

Richard J. Zaranek is Co-Founder and President of Executive Prison Consultants, LLC, a private consulting firm representing clients nationwide.  Dr. Zaranek is primarily responsible for providing appropriate guidance and education to clients facing criminal charges and prison terms within the Federal Legal System.

Dr. Zaranek earned a masters degree in educational administration from Western Michigan University and a doctorate degree in organizational leadership from The University of Michigan while serving as a public school administrator in Michigan.  His career included a variety of school and central office based administrative positions within the public school hierarchy.

During his 30 years of public school service, Dr. Zaranek earned a reputation as one of the premier school administrators in Michigan, receiving numerous state and national awards and serving on various advisory committees to state and national educational organizations.  Dr. Zaranek also served as a consultant to the U.S. Department of Education relative to distribution of public funds for educational initiatives throughout the country.  Additionally, he served as an adjunct professor at various universities teaching graduate level educational administrative courses.

In 2005, he was convicted on federal charges stemming from allegations of professional misconduct while serving in a public capacity.  He subsequently served a 13-month term at the Federal Prison Camp in Pensacola, Florida.  He is co-author of CAMPER: A Comprehensive Guide to Serving Time in a Federal Prison Camp.