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What's next for former Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio as his prison term ends?
By Andy Vuong
The Denver Post

Joe Nacchio is scheduled to be a free man Sept. 21, four years and five months after he began serving a 70-month prison sentence for illegal insider trading.

With millions of dollars likely still in the bank and the business connections that come with it, the former Qwest CEO's road back to society should be far smoother than the path most former inmates encounter, experts say.

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"The situation with Nacchio is clearly unique," said Richard Zaranek, a consultant who helps defendants prepare for prison and inmates cope with life behind bars. "Having the corporate connection and having financial strength clearly helps these guys. It helps them cut through these layers of social stigma that exist out there."  ...Denver Post Article  ...PDF

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From coast to coast,
clients express appreciation...



I am out of here at 8:00 AM tomorrow morning.

I truly can't thank you enough for what you have done for me and my family. Dealing with you was pleasant as you were honest and forthcoming throughout the process. You promised no guaranty but you delivered all that was hoped for. Our goal was a 9 month RRC placement and that is what you achieved for me, a first from this complex! I also appreciate how you dealt with my family in this crisis in keeping them informed without over stating your hopes for me. In this entire process of incarceration, you were a bright light for me, and for that I will be forever grateful!

I wish you continued success and trust you know that you can rely on me in the future.

May God continue to bless you and your efforts. 

          Richard H.  --  San Diego



Great News!!  I transfer to the halfway house on 05-08-13!!!!  Apparently, the case worker did it!!!!  I just got the paperwork this morning!!!!  Thanks! 

          Eric  --  West Virginia

To Executive Prison Consultants,

I'm guessing that no reply at all means the answer is no. Oh well, I suppose August 15th is still better than 11/23. On behalf of my husband, my son, and me... I want to thank you again for all of the hard work that you've put into this case. Having had your individual encounter with the prison system, you're able to use that experience to help others during their own personal suffering. It's also not just what you do with regards to the cases but your God inspired words of encouragement have been a true blessing. Again, thank you.

          Sheila A.  --  Baltimore


To Executive Prison Consultants,

I have the highest regard for Mr. Zaranek. My husband, an inmate at a prison camp, was recently taken by the US Marshals presumably to testify in a sentencing hearing. He was never called to testify and the courts forgot to release him. He was lost in the system -- put in a cell with 24 hour lockdown. When he didn't return to camp and after several days of not communicating with my husband and not knowing where he was, I called Mr. Zaranek for help. What a difference!!! Within minutes I knew where my husband was and within one day he was back at camp. Not only that, but Mr. Zaranek stayed in touch with me the entire time until my husband was returned to camp. I would highly recommend Mr. Zaranek's services. He is very competent and caring.

          Linda A.  --  Phoenix


With such great prison consulting
service, news travels fast, as seen
in ads on these great sites.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I read about your firm in the Bloomberg Business Week. I am currently incarcerated, however I will be appearing before the parole board this June after serving 14+ years for Robbery. Any assistance that you can provide would be immensely appreciated.

          Respectfully submitted,
          John F.  --  New York

Bloomberg Newsweek
Fox News Channel

I have spoken to you many times on the phone and you stated that you have all the documents needed to proceed with our case. Looking forward to hearing back from you and I hope that you can help us with this situation. There have been some nice things written about your agency helping people get out of prison.

          Mary H.  --  Los Angeles