How We Can Help

How We Can Help

At EXECUTIVE PRISON CONSULTANTS our number one priority is to help our clients survive federal incarceration and obtain early release from prison. That's what we do, and we do it better than anyone else!

Depending on the unique circumstances of your case, we will work tirelessly to exploit every possible advantage in the federal system for you. Our mission, and our promise, is to be your personal advocate through every step of the process.

If Your Case Is Pending In Federal Court

We Will Work To Obtain The Most Favorable Sentence

When a prison sentence becomes inevitable, the most critical document to be considered by a judge at sentencing is the pre-sentence report. We will guide and prepare you for this process so as to maximize your opportunity for a favorable sentence. We will also lay the foundation for our later efforts to secure your early release from prison.

If You Have Been Sentenced To Prison, But Have Not Yet Reported

We Will Help You Secure A Prison Designation That Is The Best Fit For You And Your Family

Serving your sentence at the "right" institution can make all the difference in the world. Institution designation can affect your ability to receive regular visits from your family, to obtain proper medical care, and to avail yourself of institution programming that could result in early release from prison. We will evaluate your specific needs and work to secure a favorable designation for you and your family.

We Will Prepare You For The Prison Experience

Unlike any other consulting service in the country, we provide a concentrated and comprehensive informational experience that will prepare you for serving a sentence in federal prison. Our knowledge is fresh and up to date. We've been in your shoes and can greatly reduce your stress and anxiety about going to prison. Most importantly, we will be your personal advocates around the clock. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied. You can count on us to be available every step of the way: while in prison, at the halfway house, and throughout your entire probation period.

If You Are Already Serving A Federal Prison Sentence

We Will Create The Greatest Opportunity For Early Release

Yes, there are real opportunities for reduction of your sentence and early release. These include substance abuse programming, Rule 35 cooperation, compassionate release, the Second Chance Act of 2007, and other special circumstances. At the earliest stages of our involvement in your case, we will start the process of creating an inmate profile that will ultimately present the greatest opportunity for your early release from prison.

We Will Address The Issues That Are Of Most Concern To Federal Inmates

Because of our previous experience in the prison system, we are keenly aware of the issues that will directly affect your life in the prison system, including: proper medical care, reasonable work assignments, visitation rights, the possibility of hardship furloughs, appeals of disciplinary action, restitution payments, and many more. Moreover, our specialty is getting you out of the institution and on home confinement status at the earliest possible time.